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Photo by my good friend Amy Ford

Photo by my good friend Amy Ford

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AWP Chicago II: [Anne Elizabeth] MO[O]RE POETRY!

Anne Elizabeth Moore, waving goodbye to AWP 2012

Greetings friends! Welcome to the second radio show revolving around my frolics at the 2012 AWP conference in Chicago. The first half of today’s show is relatively free of poetry, but not awesomeness: I have a nice long chat with Anne Elizabeth Moore about writing, self-publishing, freedom of expression, and her travels in Cambodia–AND she reads an excellent excerpt from “Cambodian Grrrl.” Then it’s back to the AWP Bookfair, in which we learn more about many fantastic journals and hear from even more wonderful poets. Try to contain your excitement! Three clicks to listen:

2: Click the small man wearing headphones (he’s under the picture gallery)
3: Click the first option on the playlist; the show will play directly from the site.

Don’t forget to email your thoughts, comments and suggestions! Thanks for listening!

**DISCLAIMER: I accidentally misname AWP in the show. It actually stands for Association of Writers & Writing Programs.**


Excerpt from “Cambodian Grrrl” by Anne Elizabeth Moore


“Little Uninvited Mirrors” by Natalie Young, read from specs journal  by Vidhu Aggarwal

“Diamond Tattoo” by Krystal Laguell

“Where the Water Comes From and Gets Together With Its Friends” by Tony Mancus, read  from Versal by Megan Garr

“Fiddlehead” by David James Miller 

“My Life’s Work” by Guy Pettit 

“One More Sonnet” by Jon Rutzmoser

“Naughty Mudflap Silhouettes” by Nick Demske

From “Sermons and Lectures” by Matt Hart


“Monument” by Mirah

“Ways to Save Our Lives” by Holy Roman Empire

“Mad Tom of Bedlam” by Jolie Holland

“Amen” Jolie Holland

Transition Songs

“My Maudlin Career” by Camera Obscura

“Music Box” by Gamelan Son of Lion

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AWP Chicago Part 1: Poetry Party featuring Kim Addonizio

Kim Addonizio, AWP Chicago 2012

Whoa! My first show of 2012, after an eight-month break! It’s good to be back, especially when you have an excellent show like this to serve up. If you’ve listened to High Volumes even a little bit, you know I love Kim Addonizio‘s work. At the AWP conference in Chicago this year, I was lucky enough to meet with her. I was also very lucky to get the dish on Dora Malech and Kristin Kelly’s collaborative work, and meet a host of excellent poets I was previously unaware of.

I had so many great poetic encounters at AWP that I couldn’t fit them into one show. Stay tuned for next week, which features even more excellent poets (including Nick Demske, whom I met at last year’s conference) and an interview with non-poet/still-awesome Anne Elizabeth Moore: writer, zinester, activist, punk rocker, and all-around cool lady.

Dora Malech and Kristin Kelly, AWP 2012

But for now! Three clicks to listen:

2: Click the small man wearing headphones (he’s under the picture gallery)
3: Click the first option on the playlist; the show will play directly from the site.

Don’t forget to email your thoughts, comments and suggestions to! Thanks for listening!

**DISCLAIMER: I accidentally misname AWP in the show. It actually stands for Association of Writers & Writing Programs.**

Poems from AWP

“Lucifer at the Starlite” by Kim Addonizio

“Crossing” by Kim Addonizio

“December” by Kim Addonizio

4 Poems by Dora Malech and Kristin Kelly

Excerpt from “The Ben Book” by Ben Pease and 4 other men named Ben

From “The Onion Man” by Kathryn Mockler

“Jessica Simpson’s Grant Application” by Brian Joseph Davis (also, check out Joyland Poetry)

“Goldfish Cockroach” by Thom Ward

“Offices” by Marc Rahe

From “Still: Of the Earth as the Ark Which Does Not Move” by Matthew Cooperman

“Sex Ed Blues” by Jeffrey Ethan Lee

“Prison Guard” by Patrick Lawler

“The Great Tsunami” by Michele Wolf

“Poppy” by Moshe Dur, translated by Barbara Goldberg

Poems from “Swearing, Smoking, Drinking, & Kissing” by Kim Addonizio and Susan Browne

“This Poem Wants To Be A Rock And Roll Song So Bad” by Kim Addonizio

“After Breaking Up With My 27th Boyfriend” by Susan Browne

“Blues For Robert Johnson” by Kim Addonizio

“Genesis” by Susan Browne

“Lush Life” by Kim Addonizio

“Good Girl” by Kim Addonizio

Transition Songs

“Singer Songwriter” by Okkerville River

“Sailing to Nowhere” by Broken Bells

“Irresistible” by Jessica Simpson

“Grano de Arena” by Marta Topferova

“Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)” by John Lennon

“Sunnyroad” by Emiliana Torrini

“Não se Apavore” by Luca Mundaca

“Wa” by Kaïssa

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Paging Through Waltham: Jon Papernick

Another two months, another show! This one is fiction-heavy, with a little bit of poetry sprinkled in. My guest is Jonathan Papernick (@jonpapernick on Twitter), author of the short story collections There Is No Other and The Ascent of Eli Israel, and also the novel Who By Fire, Who By Blood. He currently lives in Waltham, Massachusetts with his family and teaches at various writing institutions, including Emerson College. I traveled to the lovely Waltham Public Library to talk about writing and hear some of his work.

Jon Papernick in a highly functional Waltham Library study room

Afterwards, Jon pointed me in the direction of Back Pages Books on the main drag in Waltham, Moody Street, and recommended I check out Franz Wright’s latest book, Kore. Back Pages Books is also a publisher, and are printing the Pulitzer Prize winner’s book as a limited 500-copy run. I’m glad I could get my hands on a copy, and two of the poems from the book are on today’s show.

Three clicks to listen:

1: Go to
2: Click the small man wearing headphones (he’s under the picture gallery)
3: Click the first option on the playlist; the show will play directly from the site.

Don’t forget to email your thoughts, comments and suggestions to! Thanks for listening!

Short Stories by Jonathan Papernick

From “There Is No Other” (There Is No Other)

“Skin for Skin” (There Is No Other)

From “For as Long as the Lamp Is Burning” (The Ascent of Eli Israel)

Poems by Franz Wright from Kore

“Rain In Waltham”

“Systematic Derangement of the Senses”


“Overdue” by Muse

“Astral Weeks” by Van Morrison

“Die and Be Free” by Mr. Sister

“Mother Killer” by Mr. Sister

“Uncertain Times” by The Raveonettes

“Walk Into the Sea” by Low

“Lately” by Deuxieme

Transition Songs

“Positively Inclined” by Wax Tailor

“Have You Got It In You?” by Imogen Heap

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Emily Thomas / Hershman R. John / Joy Harjo

To celebrate the near-half-over year, I dipped once again into the great literary wealth of Emerson College’s graduate community and spoke to recent graduate Emily Thomas. Emily is a poet and a teacher and will be starting her Ph.D in Native American Literature at the University of Arizona in Tuscon this fall.

Two poets you wouldn't want to meet in Del Taco . . . actually, probably the best poets to meet in Del Taco. Emily on the left. Charlotte in a special cameo appearance on the right.

I asked her to recommend some Native American poetry, and she told me about one of Hershman R. John’s books, “I Swallow Turquoise for Courage,” which was published by the university of Arizona press in 2007. A very cool read, as you will hear from our discussion.

Three clicks to listen:

1: Go to
2: Click the small man wearing headphones (he’s under the picture gallery)
3: Click the first option on the playlist; the show will play directly from the site.

Hershman R. John grew up on the Navajo Reservation in Sand Springs, Arizona and currently teaches composition, creative writing, and American Indian literature at Phoenix College.

Emily also turned me on to the songs and poetry of Joy Harjo, esteemed poet and musician and a member of the Muscogee Nation. You’ll have to click the link to her [very user-friendly] website to get a true taste of her scope, but she has some fantastic albums featuring her poems and music with her band Poetic Justice, tracks of which are also featured on the show.

So! It’s a muddled love fest as usual, enjoying great work with a great guest. Enjoy, and send your comments and suggestions to


“A Sheep Dog Locked in Photograph” by Hershman R. John
“Ode to Del Taco” by Emily Thomas
“Fear Poem” by Joy Harjo, performed with Poetic Justice
From “Coyote Took Her Class” by Hershan R. John


“Tighten Up” by The Black Keys
“The Woman Hanging from the 13th Floor” by Joy Harjo

Transition Songs

“Positively Inclined” by Wax Tailor
“Ai Du” by Ali Farke Toure and Ry Cooder
“Let’s Get Out of This Country” by Camera Obscura

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Fictionpalooza: John Cotter and Laura van den Berg

Since last month’s show was so poetry-centric, I’m pleased to mix it up a little with today’s show, which features not one, but two great fiction writers, Laura van den Berg and John Cotter. Join us in our [immensely enjoyable] discussion such time-old questions as where monsters come from, how good writing happens, and who’s the next popcorn.

Three clicks to listen:

1.       Click this link:

2.       Click the little man wearing headphones (under the picture gallery)

3.       Click “4-11-11 show,” and listen from the website.

Laura van den Berg at AWP 2011

I was fortunate that Laura was able to squeeze in a few minutes with me at the AWP conference, which is, as you recall, where I recorded the poems that appear on last month’s episode. Laura has or will soon appear in publications including Ploughshares, Boston Review, Best American Nonrequired Reading 2008, Best New American Voices 2010, and The Pushcart Prize XXIV. Her first collection of stories, What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us (Dzanc Books, 2009), was a Barnes & Noble “Discover Great New Writers” selection, longlisted for The Story Prize, and shortlisted for the Frank O’Connor Award. She is currently a teacher in Baltimore.

John Cotter

My second esteemed guest is John Cotter, whose novella, Under the Small Lights , was published in 2010 by Miami University Press. John is also a founding editor Open Letters Monthly, a review website featuring critical work on contemporary novelists, poets, and translators. He is a Boston-based teacher, so luckily, we were able to talk at more length.

I suggest you purchase these books immediately. Both are powerful and palatable. When you’re done devouring those, check out a few of John’s recommendations: Adam Golaski (Color Plates), Elisa Gabbert (The French Exit), Josh Harmon (Quinnehtukqut, pronounced “Connecticut”) and Sarah Goldstein (Fables).

Also: when I was planning the show, I asked Laura for some song suggestions, as I generally do with all guests. She directed me to a playlist she made for the blog largehearted boy as a sort of soundtrack to her writing life. Most of the music on today’s show came from there, and as you hear, it’s a pretty great playlist (and blog), so check it out.


From “Crazy Horse,” Under the Small Lights by John Cotter

From “Where We Must Be,” What the World Will Look like When All the Water Leaves Us by Laura van den berg

From “The Straw Bed,” Under the Small Lights by John Cotter


“Autumn Sweater” by Yo La Tengo

“Edge of the World” by Sam Phillips

“Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl” by Broken Social Scene

“Bizarre Love Triangle” by New Order

Transition Songs:

“Positively Inclined” by Wax Tailor

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AWP 2011 Poets

I’ve fallen into a terrible habit of doing a show only every two months, but believe me, today’s show is it worth the wait. In February I traveled to the annual conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (the cool kids just call it AWP), which was held in Washington DC this year. It was attended by thousands of writers, publishers and teachers, so of course I knew it would be the ideal place to record material for High Volumes. It was an excellent time, and I’m already excited to go to Chicago for the conference next year.

AWP 2011 in Washington DC/Not an actual representation of how packed and awesome it was, but aren’t escalators cool?

So I kind of just stepped into the giant book fair and started asking people to read their poems to me (with a lot of help from Nick Demske and Heather Overby). It worked brilliantly, as you will hear. I’ve ended up with a wonderfully textured collage of poems amongst the din of the conference. It’s a terrific variety of styles and themes, and I can’t thank the people who read for me enough–not only for reading, but for their support for their show, and their bitchin musical suggestions. Click on their links below, buy their books, spread the love.

Also, there is a new, easier way to re-listen to this show again and again: with Cyberstation’s fabulous new platform, I can store the episode as an audio file for as long as I want without waiting for it to appear in the archive, then getting bumped as new shows air. Needless to say, this episode will be there for a while. Just go to, click on the little man wearing headphones (it’s under the picture gallery), and select “3-14-11 broadcast: AWP poets.”

Also! Become a fan on facebook for easy updates!

And thank you for listening, always. Please send your feedback to I’ll be back before too long with Laura van den Berg, John Cotter, and a multitude of other wonderful guests.


“Face for Radio” by Dora Malech

“We Use Spoons Mostly” by Trey Moody

“Three Poems Manufactured by the Sky” by Sean Ulman

“Midnight, In Praxis Rends” by John Chavez (and here, and here)

“Port (of Call)” by Dan Boehl

“Conference (Regatta)” by Dan Boehl

“For Luck and Landlessness” by Heather Overby

“I Give Birth To A Girl Who Is So Tiny I Lose Her Immediately” by Zachary Schomburg (and here)

“This Is What You Need To Know About The World, Pretend Son” by Zachary Schomburg

“A Performance: Strong Heart” by A. Minetta Gould

From The Girl Without Arms by Brandon Shimoda (also here)

“Untitled” by B.J. Love

“America, a Love Poem” by Jennifer Karmin

“Professional Extra” by Michael Dumanis

“Brutal End” by Ronaldo V. Wilson

“What’s Done:” by Daniel Khalastchi

“Harlem Tectonica” by Nick Demske

“Hive Me, Fifi! Hive Me! Hive Me!” by K. Silem Mohammad (a copy of this poem will be up on soon!)

“The Love of Reindeer” by Siân B. Griffiths

“Let us assume that we are each others’ best mail order brides” by Erica Jo Brown

“Rime Riche” by Monica Ferrell


“I Follow Rivers” by Lykke Li

“The Honest Truth” by Typhoon

“American Boy” by Eleni Mandel

“William Tell Overture (Abridged)” by Wendy Carlos

“Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem

Transition Songs:

“Positively Inclined” by Wax Tailor

“Coming Up From Behind” by Marcy Playground

“Zebra” by Beach House

“Summer Home” by Typhoon

“Kaputt” by Destroyer

“Rosa” by Grimes

“Nowhere to Hide” by Gaga for Gigi

“Self Torture” by Andrew Bird

“You are but a draft, a rehearsal for a show that will never play” by This Girl

“Running Up That Hill” by Chromatics

“Small Print” by Muse

“Lover in the Snow” by Rivers Cuomo

“I Love You” by The Pipettes

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High Volumes is on Facebook!

Click here and become a fan! It’s pretty sparse right now, but I promise that I will use it wisely and not spam up your newsfeed.

I’d write more, but I’m off to AWP, hopefully to get some material for the show. Thanks everyone, new show soon!

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Ethan Gilsdorf: “Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks”

Wow, it has been two long months since I’ve recorded a new show. I’ve missed you all. I know you missed me too. To make it up to you, I have a great new show, featuring this guy, and this book:

Ethan Gilsdorf, conquering his car

But first, an announcement: you may have the instructions for how to listen have changed slightly (that is, if you have the memory of a goldfish and look at them every time a new episode of High Volumes comes out). That’s because Cyberstation has an amazing new web platform called Worldvuer. It’s sort of like a hybrid of the old website, facebook and skype. It hasn’t been officially launched yet, but it is up and running, so I encourage you to log on and check out the High Volumes homepage: I still need to work on it a bit, but I’ve uploaded some pictures, as well as the audio overflow from this episode (more on that later).

Secondly, devotees will remember my guest Henriette Lazaridus Power. She joined me in the studio back in October to talk about The Drum and share three lovely excerpts from her upcoming novel Clean Monday. At the time that she appeared on the show, she was in the process of finding a publisher and nothing had been finalized yet, but now Ballantine Books has picked it up. So congratulations to Henriette, and make sure to send me an email if you’d like to receive a copy of that show and hear those exclusive excerpts of Clean Monday.

And now, most importantly, today’s wonderful episode. After Henriette was on the show, she recommended that I talk to Ethan Gilsdorf, the author of the highly praised travel memoir / pop culture investigation Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks: An Epic Quest for Reality Among Role Players, Online Gamers, and Other Dwellers of Imaginary Realms. This is especially exciting for three reasons. One is that I haven’t had a guest yet who has read a memoir/pop culture investigation. 2) I personally have been on the fringes of geek culture my whole life, and 3) Ethan is a pretty cool guy and a great writer. And I am definitely not the only one who thinks so:  Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks was named a Must-Read Book by the Massachusetts Book Awards. Ethan also publishes travel, arts, and pop culture stories regularly in the New York Times, Boston Globe, and Christian Science Monitor; his blog “Geek Pride” is seen regularly on; and he does loads of other cool stuff, like teaching, and storming the Somerville citadel.

Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks is a seriously fun, thoughtful and relevant read; I’d pick it up immediately if I were you. But first—listen to this episode of High Volumes, because “The Gary Gygax” song loses a lot in print.

To listen to another excerpt from the book, another poem by Ethan, and two more Harry Potter-related songs, go to and click on the icon with headphones (located under my pictures). There are four audio files waiting there that wouldn’t fit into the show. Stay tunes for more updates about the new site . . .

This show will be archived January 30th.


Excerpts/Poems by Ethan Gilsdorf

“Prologue” from “Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks”

“Notes of the Previous Users”



“The Shire” by Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)

“The Gary Gygax Song” by Uncle Monsterface

“The Weapon” by Harry and the Potters


Transition songs

“Positively Inclined” by Wax Tailor

“The Pass of Caradhras” by Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)

“Save Ginny Weasley” by Harry and the Potters

“Rosa” by Grimes

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Poetry in translation: Zephyr Press and J. Kates

“Your friend can read this poem, this book that you love. It is no longer a closed code. He can get to know it, and you are the one who has broken the seals. It is you who introduce him on his visit to this palace, who accompany him on all the byways and into the most charming corners of this foreign city which, without you, he would probably never get to see. You have picked up his admission-ticket; you have paid his fare. What pleasure is equal to that of sharing your own happiness with those you love?”

—Valéry Larbaud (tr. J. Kates)

V. Larbaud and J. Kates

A few weeks ago I went to the ever-excellent Boston Book festival and met the good people of Zephyr Press at their booth. Zephyr Press is a non-profit press that focuses on contemporary works in translation from Russia, Eastern Europe and Asia. A few days ago I had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with Jim Kates, editorial co-director of Zephyr Press.

Jim   is a poet and literary translator, as well as a former president of the American Literary Translators Association. He received a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Fellowship in Poetry in 1984 and a Translation Project Fellowship in 2006. Besides three poetry chapbooks of his own, he is the translator of seven volumes of poetry by Russian and French poets, and he is also the translation editor of Contemporary Russian Poetry, and the editor of In the Grip of Strange Thoughts: Russian Poetry in a New Era.

For more information about the poets on today’s show, visit, and become a facebook fan.

This show will be archived on Sunday, November 21.


“Embers in the Forest” by Liliana Ursu (tr. Sean Cotter)

“Roasted Goose” by Shang Qin (tr. Steve Bradbury)

“In a Broken Mirror” by Anna Akhmatova (tr. Judith Hemschemeyer)

“Thallus” by Tatiana Shcherbina (tr. J. Kates)

“Not in the chimney, but in the gas pipes . . .” by Mikhail Aizenberg (tr. J. Kates)

“Psalm 137” by Genrikh Sapgir (tr. J. Kates)

“It’s better not to live in Moscow . . .” by Dimitry Aleksandrovich Prigov (tr. Robert Reid)

“Winter Elegy” by Marzanna Kielar (tr. Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese)


“American English” by Idlewild

“Language” by Scott Matthews

“Un Jour Comme Un Autre” by Brigitte Bardot

“A New Name for Everything” by The Weakerthans

“Let’s Get Out of This Country” by Camera Obscura

Transition Songs

“Positively Inclined” by Wax Tailor

“Far Far” by Yael Naim

“Fibre De Verre” by Paris Combo

“My Maudlin Career” by Camera Obscura

“Night Windows” by The Weakerthans

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