Posted by: Joelle Jameson | March 22, 2010

Keyhole Press – first hour-long show!

Not only is it the first hour-long show, it’s the first show containing anything vaguely resembling an interview and discussion! I journeyed to Nashville, Tennesee to visit my friend Christy Frink, who was kind enough to introduce me to her friend Peter Cole, who runs Keyhole Press in Nashville.

A few notable internet destinations that popped up in conversation include the Cousins Reading Series in Providence, RI, Isreads, an outdoor literary journal, the annual AWP conference, and Christy’s acclaimed blog about Nashville.

Poems and Flash Fiction:

“Anxious #32” by Carrie Murphy

“Four Poems” by Claire Donato (via Shampoo)

“Things Were Shitty Then, Too” by Kenny Ruland

“Excerpts from a [now unemployed] Fortune Cookie Maker’s Bad Year” by Thomas Cooper

“lobbi[est] (the limbo between two worlds)” by Curtis Crisler

“Tricks” by Thomas Cooper

“The Garden of Proserpine” by A.C. Swindburne

From “The Village Blacksmith” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


“Skeleton Key” by Margot and the Nuclear So an So’s

“Positively Inclined” by Wax Tailor

“The Cave” by Mumford & Sons

“Sailing to Nowhere” by Broken Bells

“The Changeling (Get Guilty)” by A.C. Newman

“Feeling Good” by Muse

“Bliss” by Muse

And, some Nashville photos for good measure:


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