Posted by: Joelle Jameson | May 3, 2010

A Sense of Place: Around the World in 12 Poems

Me and Mary and the world

I’m super excited about today’s show; my first ever in-studio guest co-host Mary Kovaleski Byrnes and I have chosen some of our favorite travel and place-centered poems, including some of our own poetry about the places we’ve traveled to.

For more information about Bhuchung D. Sonam and other Tibetan poets, visit

This show will be archived on the cyberstationusa website on Sunday, May 9.


“Parliament Square, 7 AM” by Joelle Jameson

“A Map of Montana in Italy” by Richard Hugo

“A Photo of Pennsylvania in Fiji” by Mary Kovaleski Byrnes

“Kangaroo Paws” by Joelle Jameson

“Christmas Emotion Salad: Plovdiv, Bulgaria” by Mary Kovaleski Byrnes

“First Anniversary, With Monkeys” by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

“She is in Boston” by Bhuchung D. Sonam

“Questions of Travel” by Elizabeth Bishop

“Tongariro Crossing” by Mary Kovaleski Byrnes

“The Self” by Elizabeth Smither

“Camouflaging the Chimera” by Yusef Komunyakaa

“Remember, Remember” by Joelle Jameson


“Let’s Get Out of This Country” by Camera Obscura

“Traveler’s Tune” by Ocean Colour Scene

“Civil Twilight” by The Weakerthans

“Driftwood” by Travis

“Hierarchy” by The Noisettes

“The Day We Caught the Train” by Ocean Colour Scene


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