Posted by: Joelle Jameson | May 24, 2010

Lloyd Schwartz: A Sense of Voice

Lloyd at the studio

Yes, the last show’s theme was a sense of place in poetry, and now we’re moving on to a sense of voice in poetry. This theme was inspired by today’s very special guest, Lloyd Schwartz. Lloyd has published three volumes of distinctly narrative poetry, the most recent being “Cairo Traffic” from the university of Chicago press. His 1981 collection “These People” is so character-based that it Emerson college produced it as a piece of theater soon after it was published. He won the 1994 Pulitzer prize for criticism for his work as a classical music critic for the Boston Phoenix and is also the classical music critic for National Public Radio’s “Fresh Air.” His poems, articles, and reviews have appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Paris Review, Slate and Ploughshares.

I first encountered Lloyd back in October when he did a reading with five other Massachusetts poets; that whole concept of poets reading and appreciating each others’ work was one of the events that inspired me to create this radio show. I met him in person about six weeks ago when he visited one of my classes and was struck by his personality, knowledge, and willingness to share his unique experience. Plus, he has a fantastic reading voice and very interesting writing style.

This show will be archived on the cyberstationusa website on Sunday, May 30.


Bar at the Folies Bergères at the Courtauld Gallery” by Joelle Jameson

“Hannah” by Lloyd Schwartz

“Six Words” by Lloyd Schwartz

“Lucifer at the Starlite” by Kim Addonizio

“Filling Station” by Elizabeth Bishop

“In the Waiting Room” by Elizabeth Bishop

“He tells his mother what he’s working on” by Lloyd Schwartz


“Never Know the Party’s Here” by Eleni Mandell

“Tell Me Ten Words” by Idlewild

“Benediction” by the Weakerthans

“Out Loud” by Dispatch

“Microphone” by Coconut Records


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