Posted by: Joelle Jameson | July 19, 2010

Word 4 Word Poets: The Dilemma of Muses, Memories and Love

Ann and Mike

I spent my first post-graduate year in Virginia, during which I became starved for poetry and found comfort in attending monthly Word 4 Word Open Mike Nights at Aroma’s Cafe in Newport News. The audience and readers consists of people of all ages, backgrounds and styles of poetry, but the common factor was an undeniable enthusiasm for the spoken word, which is wonderful and what High Volumes is really all about.

So when I returned for a brief visit last week, I made a point of speaking to Ann Falcone Shalaski and Mike Correa, two of the hosts of the open mike (the third is Hollis Pruitt). I always enjoyed hearing their work and wanted a more behind-the-scenes look at Word 4 Word, and I was not disappointed. We had some great conversations not just about the organization, but the nature of poetry itself. Not to mention reading some great poems.

Since Ann presents a challenge at each open mike night for the next month to get everyone’s creative juices flowing, after reviewing all the poems they read, I decided to pretend that I had given them specific challenges to fit the bill. That’s where muses, memories and love comes in.

Make sure to check out Word 4 Word’s website; it has some fantastic resources for all lovers of poetry, no matter your location. Ann’s book, World Made of Glass, is also available; email me at highvolumes at gmail dot com for more information.

This show will be archived on on Sunday, July 25.


“Lorca as Bullfighter” by Mike Correa

“Hershey Kisses and Elvis” by Ann Falcone Shalaski

“Pablo” by Mike Correa

“You Again” by Ann Falcone Shalaski

“History in a Cup” by Mike Correa

“A Night So Warm” by Ann Falcone Shalaski

“Something About a Man” by Ann Falcone Shalaski

“Celisse” by Mike Correa

“Sign Here” by Ann Falcone Shalaski

“The Dilemma of Words” by Mike Correa


“Stuck on You” by Elvis Presley

“Shousetsu” by Radicalfashion

“Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol

“Wild Thing” by The Troggs

“Waverly Steps” by Roddy Woomble



  1. I listened to July 19 program starring Ann and Mike. I am on the CNU Writers Conference Advisory Council with them and active in the Word4Word group. Great show with insightful comments and poetry.

    Barbara Drucker Smith

  2. Thanks Barbara! I was very lucky to have Ann and Mike as guests. I was at the open mic last Tuesday, were you there too? I really appreciate you listening and hope you will listen again!

  3. Fantastic segment. I loved the insightful comments by the two poets you interviewed and the fun way you weaved together their readings with musical accompaniment. Bravo!

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