Posted by: Joelle Jameson | July 27, 2010

HIGH VOLUMES IS ON TWITTER and other miracles

A real historic moment.

Instead of producing a new show this week (in the meantime, listen to last week’s show on demand), I have decided to make a Twitter account. Please follow High Volumes on Twitter. There’s not much there now–it seems silly to tweet when I have only two followers–but it will become more frequent very soon. For example, this weekend, when I go to the Boston Poet’s Tea Party, a marathon of 88 poets reading for eight minutes apiece. Or in a few minutes, when I start reading the current issue of Jubilat.

I’ve never been one for Twitter, but that’s because I was thinking about it in the wrong way: as a way to keep up with friends. I’m sure some people are successful in using it in that fashion (all your friends have to be active tweeters for it to work), but it’s incredibly useful in that you can follow many different presses and organizations and magazines and celebrities and news networks and almost anyone you want really in a handy and contained environment. I’ve spent a good part of the afternoon becoming a follower (there’s gotta be a better way to say that) of about 90 pages, so check out the page for those neat literary resources as well.

Stay tuned for when I evolve enough to create a Facebook fan page.


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