Posted by: Joelle Jameson | September 13, 2010

Becky Tuch and The Review Review


Becky Tuch

This week I invited Becky Tuch to be my guest: I stumbled upon her website, The Review Review, over the summer and felt a great need to let you all know how fantastic it is. Luckily Becky was able to stop by to take us on a guided tour of the site, share insights about writing and read the fascinating first chapter of her novel-in-progress.

When Becky isn’t working on The Review Review, she’s busy winning awards for her fiction (from Briar Cliff Review, Byline Magazine and The Tennessee Writer’s Alliance) and receiving Honorable Mentions from the 2008 Pushcart Prize Anthology and Writers’ Journal. She has published stories, poetry and art and reviews in numerous publications including Blueline, Eclipse, Folio, The Connecticut River Review, Artsmedia and The Women’s Review of Books. She also teaches fiction to kids, teens and adults throughout Boston.

Needless to say, we had a great time. Inspired by The Review Review, I looked up the online journal Drunken Boat and chose a few fantastic poems from their latest issue to round out the show.

Contact Becky via The Review Review to find out how you can be a journal reviewer too!

This show will be archived on on Sunday, September 19.


Chapter one of “More Will Be Revealed” by Becky Tuch


“Outsider Art” by Kay Ryan

“A Rothko Conversation” by Lesley Jenike

“Creator Destroyer” by Sally Ito

“Farewell to the First Person” by Clare Rossini

“A Rauschenberg Conversation” by Lesley Jenike


“This is Hardcore” by Pulp

“The Changeling (Get Guilty)” by A.C. Newman

“To Dry Up” by Wax Taylor featuring Charlotte Savary

“First and Last Waltz” by Nickel Creek

“Man on Fire” by Ad Frank

“Underdog (Save Me)” by Turin Brakes

“Rise Up in the Dirt” by Voxtrot


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