Posted by: Joelle Jameson | October 4, 2010

Henriette Lazaridis Power and “The Drum: A Literary Magazine For Your Ears”

Henriette in the studio

You will recall Becky Tuch—or, will if you just scroll down to the previous blog entry—creator of and writer of things. Becky was kind enough to get me in touch with Henriette Lazaridis Power, founding editor of The Drum: a literary magazine for your ears. Yes, The Drum is an audio literary magazine, and most of the stories are downloadable for free on the website. As if reveling in the sisterly bonds of literary audio production wasn’t sweet enough, we are also treated to three excerpts (18 minutes total) of Henriette’s  novel, Clean Monday. I know you’re going to want to rush out and buy it once you hear the clips, but you’ll have to wait, as it is in the very first stages of publication. Another High Volumes exclusive!

In addition to editing The Drum, Henriette is a regular contributor to the writing blog Her work has appeared in Salamander, the New England Review, Middlebury Magazine, The New York Times online, The Millions, and Rowing News. She spent nearly two decades in academia, teaching at Harvard for ten years after earning a masters of philosophy on a Rhodes scholarship as well as a Ph.D.

Henriette is also involved in many upcoming literary events in the Boston area. Be sure to check out the Boston Book Festival on Saturday, October 16: most events are free, and over 100 authors will be present. Henriette will host two fiction panels: “Time and Place” and “The Web of Relationship.” On Monday, November 15, the Four Stories literary series at The Enormous Room in Cambridge will feature authors published in The Drum.

This show will be archived on Sunday, October 10th.

Novel Excerpts:

Three segments of Clean Monday by Henriette Lazaridis Power


Various authors published in The Drum, compiled by Henriette Lazaridis Power


“Waverly Steps” by Roddy Woomble

“Microphone” by Coconut Records

“Let’s Get Out of This Country” by Camera Obscura


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