Posted by: Joelle Jameson | May 9, 2012

AWP Chicago Part 1: Poetry Party featuring Kim Addonizio

Kim Addonizio, AWP Chicago 2012

Whoa! My first show of 2012, after an eight-month break! It’s good to be back, especially when you have an excellent show like this to serve up. If you’ve listened to High Volumes even a little bit, you know I love Kim Addonizio‘s work. At the AWP conference in Chicago this year, I was lucky enough to meet with her. I was also very lucky to get the dish on Dora Malech and Kristin Kelly’s collaborative work, and meet a host of excellent poets I was previously unaware of.

I had so many great poetic encounters at AWP that I couldn’t fit them into one show. Stay tuned for next week, which features even more excellent poets (including Nick Demske, whom I met at last year’s conference) and an interview with non-poet/still-awesome Anne Elizabeth Moore: writer, zinester, activist, punk rocker, and all-around cool lady.

Dora Malech and Kristin Kelly, AWP 2012

But for now! Three clicks to listen:

2: Click the small man wearing headphones (he’s under the picture gallery)
3: Click the first option on the playlist; the show will play directly from the site.

Don’t forget to email your thoughts, comments and suggestions to! Thanks for listening!

**DISCLAIMER: I accidentally misname AWP in the show. It actually stands for Association of Writers & Writing Programs.**

Poems from AWP

“Lucifer at the Starlite” by Kim Addonizio

“Crossing” by Kim Addonizio

“December” by Kim Addonizio

4 Poems by Dora Malech and Kristin Kelly

Excerpt from “The Ben Book” by Ben Pease and 4 other men named Ben

From “The Onion Man” by Kathryn Mockler

“Jessica Simpson’s Grant Application” by Brian Joseph Davis (also, check out Joyland Poetry)

“Goldfish Cockroach” by Thom Ward

“Offices” by Marc Rahe

From “Still: Of the Earth as the Ark Which Does Not Move” by Matthew Cooperman

“Sex Ed Blues” by Jeffrey Ethan Lee

“Prison Guard” by Patrick Lawler

“The Great Tsunami” by Michele Wolf

“Poppy” by Moshe Dur, translated by Barbara Goldberg

Poems from “Swearing, Smoking, Drinking, & Kissing” by Kim Addonizio and Susan Browne

“This Poem Wants To Be A Rock And Roll Song So Bad” by Kim Addonizio

“After Breaking Up With My 27th Boyfriend” by Susan Browne

“Blues For Robert Johnson” by Kim Addonizio

“Genesis” by Susan Browne

“Lush Life” by Kim Addonizio

“Good Girl” by Kim Addonizio

Transition Songs

“Singer Songwriter” by Okkerville River

“Sailing to Nowhere” by Broken Bells

“Irresistible” by Jessica Simpson

“Grano de Arena” by Marta Topferova

“Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)” by John Lennon

“Sunnyroad” by Emiliana Torrini

“Não se Apavore” by Luca Mundaca

“Wa” by Kaïssa


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