Posted by: Joelle Jameson | May 28, 2012

AWP Chicago II: [Anne Elizabeth] MO[O]RE POETRY!

Anne Elizabeth Moore, waving goodbye to AWP 2012

Greetings friends! Welcome to the second radio show revolving around my frolics at the 2012 AWP conference in Chicago. The first half of today’s show is relatively free of poetry, but not awesomeness: I have a nice long chat with Anne Elizabeth Moore about writing, self-publishing, freedom of expression, and her travels in Cambodia–AND she reads an excellent excerpt from “Cambodian Grrrl.” Then it’s back to the AWP Bookfair, in which we learn more about many fantastic journals and hear from even more wonderful poets. Try to contain your excitement! Three clicks to listen:

2: Click the small man wearing headphones (he’s under the picture gallery)
3: Click the first option on the playlist; the show will play directly from the site.

Don’t forget to email your thoughts, comments and suggestions! Thanks for listening!

**DISCLAIMER: I accidentally misname AWP in the show. It actually stands for Association of Writers & Writing Programs.**


Excerpt from “Cambodian Grrrl” by Anne Elizabeth Moore


“Little Uninvited Mirrors” by Natalie Young, read from specs journal  by Vidhu Aggarwal

“Diamond Tattoo” by Krystal Laguell

“Where the Water Comes From and Gets Together With Its Friends” by Tony Mancus, read  from Versal by Megan Garr

“Fiddlehead” by David James Miller 

“My Life’s Work” by Guy Pettit 

“One More Sonnet” by Jon Rutzmoser

“Naughty Mudflap Silhouettes” by Nick Demske

From “Sermons and Lectures” by Matt Hart


“Monument” by Mirah

“Ways to Save Our Lives” by Holy Roman Empire

“Mad Tom of Bedlam” by Jolie Holland

“Amen” Jolie Holland

Transition Songs

“My Maudlin Career” by Camera Obscura

“Music Box” by Gamelan Son of Lion


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