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High Volumes is a bi-weekly online radio show with a literary edge on cyberstationusa.com produced and hosted by Joelle Jameson. New shows play on Mondays at 11:00 AM EST; listen by clicking on the “Listen Live” button. The two most recent shows are archived on the “On Demand” page (newest shows are added the Sunday after they air) on the same website.

What to expect: conversations with interesting people who are involved in the literary arts to share their experiences, whether it be in poetry, fiction, publishing or theater, and read pieces by themselves and others. I focus on hearing work read aloud and playing interesting music to make a cohesive listening experience. A good way to figure out what I’m on about is to review the setlists on this blog.

Note: all work read on the show has been published or is read with the author’s permission.

I (Joelle) am currently earning my MFA in poetry from Emerson College in Boston. I started this show to learn more about who and what people are reading now; I’m always on the lookout for recommended reading material and music. And I’m very glad you’re reading this; please listen to the show and give me lots of feedback: highvolumes@gmail.com. I have a pretty rad twitter feed, too: @highvolumes. If there is a particular writer or band you would like to hear, let me know! If you’re in the Boston area, love poetry and want to talk about it/read some, that’d be cool too.  Tips on cool literary events are always appreciated.



  1. I am really proud of you. This is wonderful.

  2. Joelle, This is a great venue for poets. Your program and blog are awesome and so is your poetry!
    I see a bright future.


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